Breastfed off the gloomy atmosphere of Franz Kafka’s Prague, the Czech existential doom metal horde ET MORIEMUR (EM) was founded in February 2008.

Featuring ex-members of DISSOLVING OF PRODIGY, SILENT STREAM OF GODLESS ELEGY and members of PANYCHIDA and OBLOMOV, the band released an EP (Lacrimae Rerum, 2009, self-released) and its debut full-length album (“Cupio Dissolvi”, 2011, Parat prod.).

The album received several positive reviews and EM ranked second in the 2011 edition of the “New Artist of the Year” Czech rock/metal publicists awards and played scores of gigs both in the Czech Republic and abroad, sharing the stage with such bands as MOURNFUL CONGREGATION, ESOTERIC, SATURNUS, WORSHIP, AHAB, ISOLE, OPHIS or MARCHÉ FUNEBRE and performing at prestigious festivals such as BRUTAL ASSAULT, GOTHOOM OPEN AIR (SK), DARKEN THE MOON (BE) and CZECH DEATH FEST.

EM also appeared in three compilations – “Institut černého kovu”, a tribute CD to the Czech black metal legends TÖRR, Doom Metal Front zine compilation “Eastern Doomination” and a tribute to the Czech doom metal masters DISSOLVING OF PRODIGY.

In 2014 the band released its second full-length CD “Ex Nihilo In Nihilum” under the Russian doom label Solitude productions. The album was nominated for the Anděl Awards (Czech music awards issued by the Czech Academy of Popular Music) and ended up third in the Břitva awards (Czech rock/metal publicists awards) for the best album of the year. Honza leaves the band and is replaced by Pavel Janouškovec.

In 2016 “Ex Nihilo In Nihilum” is released on LP by Minotauro records.

Pavel leaves the band and Honza from the Pilsen black-metal band Sól joins our ranks.

In March 2018 Transcending Obscurity releases the band´s third album – “Epigrammata”.

EM supports Czech animal rights organization with regular financial donations.



Karel Kovařík – basa | Aleš Vilingr – kytara | Zdeněk Nevělík – zpěv

Honza Tlačil – kytara | Michal „Datel“ Rak – bicí


Lacrimae Rerum (CD 2009, self-released)


Cupio Dissolvi (CD 2011, Parat prod.)


Ex Nihilo In Nihilum (CD 2014, Solitude prod.)


Epigrammata (CD 2018, Transcending Obscurity)

Epigrammata cover Et Moriemur


Tribute to TÖRR (2011)

Doom Metal Front zine „Eastern Doomination“ (2012)